Web hosting for all claims – so the user will find the right offer

In the network there are many services for free or for little money. But often these deals have blemishes. In the field of web hosting which can for example be shortcomings in the technical reliability and safety, but also a difficult to reach support. Before choosing a provider Internet users should be determined by a number of criteria examine the benefits and how to find the optimal solution for their needs.

Space and domain: The basic for beginners

Web hosting is usually offered in a package that includes, among other things, your own domain, space and e-mail mailboxes. Where: The larger a parcel is, the more it costs. If you want to build as a beginner such as its own website, you need to have basically only a domain and of course memory to store its website explains Johannes Herold, Managing Director of the company check domain from Lübeck.

Useful are e-mail accounts that are more suitable for the domain. Furthermore, customers should make sure that they can use a name server. This is needed to set up a mail server and subdomains for a blog.

Another important point is the amount of data: How much traffic is already included in the price? Ideal is a Traffic-Flatrate. It prevents unpleasant surprises afterwards.