Test Podcast Hosting – Free Hosting for Podcasts

I get frequent requests by e-mail, which offer hosting service for podcasters. I got the hosting provider used most frequently, in the listed podcasts, picked out (where these are identified by the URL) for this blog entry. I attach here a special focus on free or low cost offers. The willingness to pay for a service that is rather low, as I could see the mails.

A hosting service should be characterized by a high level of availability. Nothing is more corrosive than when the podcasts are not available just at the moment you would like to use them.Unfortunately, I can`t do availability measurement in the scope of this article. It helps to ask other customers about your experience, or to read advices in relevant forums.

Normally, the amount of data stored podcasts is steadily increasing. Ideally, either the package continues to grow and the basic package is big enough to upgrade to more storage is feasible or there is absolutely no limit to the stored data.

The traffic is included with all offers in the price package. Then you should pay particular attention to “normal” webspace.

Researched and tested I have four German-speaking Podhoster and two free hosting. The Podhostern is Libsyn, podzilla, Save Cast Casting and Sound. The Free hosters that are web hosting providers are at zero cost with a round-offer.